What sort of publishers have funds for trans-media?


It seems this multi-platform way of telling stories still has a long way to go before it properly becomes integrated into the publishing industry as we know it. In order to
understand which publishers may support and publish trans-media projects, it’s important to be aware of some background behind this form of story-telling.

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Smugglers continued

When they were younger, Edward had somehow avoided his father’s black moods and silence by withdrawing into himself and becoming fond of the countryside and walks.William, full of energy, thrived on human contact and laughter. He found the famine of emotions hard to cope with. But Edward had always been more sensitive and had tried to help his father.

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Return of the coffee kick

And I’m back.

After a long absence and a somewhat tragic lack of caffeine. Fear not, you will once again be regaled by coffee dramas, highs and lows.

So much has happened since I last posted, apart from the fact that I have struggled with coffee and almost considered giving it up. Purely because I overdosed. It was a habit and I suppose I got tired of it.  Continue reading Return of the coffee kick

Extreme Bean Trial: the Results

So here it is. The long-awaited bean verdict. Which has, by the way, been delayed by obstacles and mishaps along the way.

I could barely contain the excitement each day returning from work, to see if the lucky beans had arrived. But just as I was giving them up for lost in the post, there they were, a week and a half later, innocently packaged and ready for consumption.

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Bristol’s meeting with coffee and the slave trade

frieze depicting slave trade
The reality of the Slave Trade. attr:www.victorianweb.org

As part of my research for my (in progress) novel ‘Smugglers’, I discovered eagerly and with a degree of some sort of removed shame the full extent of Bristol’s involvement in the slave trade. I followed a trail of history and evidence, right to 21st century Bristol and to my next coffee trial.  Continue reading Bristol’s meeting with coffee and the slave trade

Extreme coffee bean trial

Now that I am not a total coffee novice, I have made the extreme (caffeine-induced) decision that new bean related challenges are in order. I have trained my eager taste buds and they appear to be keeping up, now able to detect at least the top three flavour layers in a cup. I have now fully admitted to myself that instant coffee is just a means to an end. Its purpose (though servile) is still vital. But the taste buds need their muscles flexed, so I have dedicated this week to the extreme coffee bean trial. Let the fun begin… Continue reading Extreme coffee bean trial

Smugglers explained

Smugglers is my very first, embryonic piece of historical fiction. I reveal it tentatively, like letting a baby animal out into the wild. I’m not sure how it’s going to handle the unpredictable literary wild out there. 

Part mystery, thriller and historical novel, you will find yourself immersed in the world of 18th century Bristol where the story follows the lives of a surveying family through the web they weave for themselves. Watch them dabble in the slave trade whilst plotting to outwit each other.  


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Coffee sampling at Colonna and Smalls

And so we reach Sunday after a meagre week on the writing front. Lacking inspiration and attention scattered, unable to focus. I made the monumental decision that I needed to go cold turkey. Tea would be a good enough substitute. Just for one day. Sunday. A rest day.

coffe or tea

What foolishness had taken hold of me? Nothing happened. Or rather nothing productive at all. I spent most of the morning wandering aimlessly around my flat with a bubble of doziness firmly cocooning my head. I tried sitting at my computer but stared glassy eyed at various google chrome tabs before repeatedly going through a tea making cycle of boiling and reboiling the kettle. Brewing. Milk.  But nothing. Zilch. I just did not feeling interested or inspired. Pah.

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